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Nurture Your Nature Coaching provides digestible tools for self-care and a deeper connection to your inner wisdom and value. 

For the Highly Sensitive 

I support sensitive heart-centered women to cherish their precious gift. Uncovering your greatest desires and source of energy so you can have an abundance of it, without having to choose between yourself and others. 

Utilizing a holistic health approach to really go deeper than the surface. Like a continuous wave that stirs up different layers, eventually it becomes calm glass. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the world around you, and struggling with personal and health issues?

Have you been told you are too sensitive, or too much?

Does your sensitivity feel like a burden, and that you don't belong? 

Do others' feelings and needs overshadow your own? 

Self-care is imperative for soothing anxiety, cultivating and maintaining balance, and integrating your sense of belonging.

Imagine feeling like you matter 

Being highly sensitive can be intense. It’s really hard sometimes to feel so acutely, that it can take over other aspects of our lives.

Cultivating a loving relationship with yourself lets you manage that sensitivity and helps you realign with your intuition, your needs and desires, and nurture healthy relationships with others.

As a sensitive person, you may tend to look after others and be left with insufficient energy for yourself. You can be very susceptible to the energy, thoughts and emotions of others and feel drained, depleted and overwhelmed.

 When you take care of yourself,
you have more energy to share with the world.

You don’t have to withdraw and shut down to restore your energy. You can learn to sustain your endeavours and replenish your well of energy.

Discover how by cultivating a healthy connection with your needs with Nurture your Nature Coaching.
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"Self care is not selfish,

It's self honoring! " 

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